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In-home measurement


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In-home measurements in Clinton, St. Clair and Madison counties

The importance of precise, in-home measurements
When it comes to professional services, you don’t want to skimp out on your home. Here at Valor Home Services
, our installation professionals meticulously measure then remeasure to ensure that your floor installation is done once and done right.

When someone else messes up, people around Clinton, St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties call Valor. When our team shows up at your door, it’s like welcoming back an old friend. We want you to be as confident in your new floor as we are in our skills, and we won’t stop until we’ve accomplished that goal. Valor home service’s priority is your complete satisfaction, not just getting the job done.

Make sure to send a message or call us today to talk about how you can utilize Valor Home Services's in-home measurement services.


Accurate measurements avoid unnecessary problems

You’d think using a measuring tape would be simple enough. But then, when errors are made, it can be unbelievably costly to fix. Sometimes the wrong tools are used, and sometimes people simply lack the training on what the numbers all mean.

We’ve come to clean up after another company has measured incorrectly, and we have seen what it does to customers. Our professionals are trained to know every angle so measurements are done right.
In-Home Measurement in Belleville, IL area from Valor Home Services
You can’t afford flooring measurements to be done wrong, and neither can Valor Home Services. And so, we don’t permit it. When you call us to come for your in-home measuring, we work accurately and always give you exactly the information you need to make choices for your project. When you choose Valor Home Services
in Belleville, with our free in-home measurements, you can rest assured that:
  • You’ll have every reason to feel relaxed and confident: Valor Home Services will measure accurately and give you all the information you need for your project
  • Only trained professionals will make these measurements: our crew are licensed and experienced professionals
  • Details are broken down: we’ll not only provide you with all the information you need, but those details will be listed out for your review—and we’ll go over any questions you have
  • You’ll enjoy flexible scheduling: we know how busy you are, so you can schedule based on your needs
  • You’ll get good advice: we provide you with professional advice on how to move ahead with your remodeling project

For more information on Valor home service’s in-home measurements, please call us today.