While tile backsplashes are a durable wall covering that will protect your walls from water, inherently found in the kitchen, they do much more than that. A tile backsplash really finishes off a kitchen’s décor and unifies its various design elements. Just as the right shirt can add panache to an outfit, the perfect kitchen tile can really jazz up a kitchen.

So, if you’re wondering how to pick a kitchen backsplash tile, here are 5 design tips on selecting the right tile for your kitchen:

1. Take a clue from other colors in your kitchen.

If you’re kitchen cabinets are white you should go with a lighter tile. On the other hand, if your cupboards are dark you should look for darker tiles. If you pick a contrasting color for your tile backsplash you will have three bands of color that pop out at you, making the kitchen seem disconnectedTying in the backsplash tile with the cabinetry will serve to visually join them, making the cabinets look more solid and substantial.

2. Pick a tile material and finish that you like.

There are great tile finish options out there that can suit any kitchen style and taste. There are glass tiles, stainless steel and other metal tiles, porcelain, ceramic and stone. There are shinny and matte finishes. Shinny finishes will really sparkle with under cabinet lighting and echo the gleam of any stainless steel appliances. To get a feel for what you like and what will actually go in your kitchen, bring several tile samples home and lay them against your kitchen backsplash walls.

3. The tile should match the size, scale and dimension of the room.

Huge tile in a small kitchen can be overpowering and make the kitchen look smaller than it is. Too small of a subway tile, for an example, will miss the mark in terms of making the right impact in a large kitchen. In the wrong room, kitchen tiles that are too small can make for an overly busy backdrop. That is with the exception of tile mosaics, which come on a sheet. Once grouted, their uniform appearance creates a solid, textured surface.

4. Match the grout color to the tile.

Matching the grout to the wall tile unites the tile making it look a solid finished surface. Monochromatic grout also hides a multitude of small imperfections in the installation. A contrasting grout color would only magnify any blemishes. If you do choose a grout that is not the same color as the base colors of the tile it should be a color that pulls together other existing color elements in the space.

5. Avoid anything too busy.

Especially for a contemporary look, you don’t want to get too complicated. Think of the backsplash as a neutral that will be accessorized with utensils and small kitchen appliances, like coffee makers, toasters and kettles. If you have a big kitchen with a large backsplash area and want to add some flare, you might consider an understated border or a pattern below the range hood. Remember though, that simple will outlast fancy because, as styles and tastes change the overdone will become outdated. Neutral is also an easier sell should you decide to list your house.

Cash Mob O'Fallon - Shiloh
What is a Cash Mob?

A cash mob is a group of individuals banded together to help local retail locations thrive. The purpose of these mobs is to support both the local businesses and the overall community.

There is not a fee to be involved, only your time, sharing the event with your friends / family and spending $10 once a month at a local business.

Join the Cash Mob today by clicking the Facebook link below and watch for the announcement of our upcoming "mob hits".

Building Business Partners in Our Community

Introducing The Affiliated Partner Program by A&H Flooring, LLC.
As an Affiliated Partner, your confidential standing instructions and preferences are on file (lockbox numbers, contact info and cell numbers, preferred products, etc.), so you don't waste valuable time duplicating instructions to us each time a new buyer or seller needs a flooring estimate. And we handle each referred client precisely... as you instruct us to do so. It's basically Flooring Concierge Service and preferred, wholesale pricing for you, your clients, associates, and friends. (This is a level of service that you are not likely to see at a home improvement center or retail store anytime soon).