3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet

1. Carpet Colors: If you like bright vibrant tones but aren't sure about using them for an entire floor, think instead about accents that you can easily change such as throw pillows, area rugs, art pieces and even window treatments. Remember that a white or very light carpet against dark painted walls can look just as striking as vivid colors. You should also consider how the space will be used. For a game room or a play room, primary colors might be just the ticket. Online tools can help you visualize and see how paint, cabinetry, and floor colors all work together.

2. Carpet Design: If you're choosing a carpet for a new house or renovating your current home, think about going with something other than the solid look of a traditional texture carpet. Consider a frieze, a loop or even a pattern. With friezes you get the fun random color variation and with loops, almost unlimited design versatility. Patterns are extremely popular because they are upscale and striking. And you may be surprised to find out that they usually work with most decors. A strong pattern can totally rejuvenate a room and the intricate sculpted designs feature everything from soft florals to bold geometrics to subtle curves. Here's a simple tip: large patterns work best in large areas and small patterns positively pop in closer, more intimate spaces.

3. Carpet Terms: Carpet terminology can be a little confusing. Terms like cut pile, loop, plush, texture and pattern are used to describe appearance, carpet characteristics, and specific instructions, but most carpet sold today fits in one of four categories: textures, patterns, loops, or friezes. Textures are versatile, easy to maintain and great for any area of the house. Patterns have beautiful sculpted designs and are wonderful for formal spaces. Loops work better in high traffic areas because they perform well and are extremely durable. With Friezes, also known as "twists" or shags", you get that plush, springy softness and casual comfortable feel. Plus a frieze doesn't show footprints or vacuum marks and is very easy to maintain.


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