A&H Flooring has simplified the remodeling process. Unlike spending countless hours online searching different websites, or taking days off to drive from showroom to showroom, the whole process is done in the convenience of your home, office, retail facility, school, or anywhere else that you desire your new flooring to be installed. We will come to you at the location of your choice!

Our experienced remodeling specialists can simplify and expedite your new home upgrades by taking away all the stress and confusion. When you are ready to arrange for an appointment, just phone us, send us an email or text message us. We will then contact you to find out where you want us to meet you, and arrive in our mobile showroom. This showroom on wheels will help you to select the new flooring materials you prefer, be it wood, natural stone, tile, laminate, or one of today’s amazing new carpet. They’ll all be at your fingertips. We will show you actual samples of all the top brands in all the different sizes, styles, colors and finishes. Best of all, we‘ll also provide you with a flooring estimate for your Belleville, IL area residence. These prices will be right on target and will fit your available remodeling budget. No matter which new flooring product you are considering, we’ll have it in stock.

Scheduling is Always Flexible Too!

Our days and hours are quite flexible, so we will be certain to meet every homeowner’s busy schedule, whether the most convenient time will be early morning, after you come home from work, at lunchtime, and even on weekends. A&H Flooring will be there to make shopping for new flooring convenient for you. Please feel free to tell us about your specific needs whatever they may be.

In the event that you’re not sure what you prefer for your new flooring, we are here to get you exactly what you want at the best possible price. Guaranteed! Through our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we will help you to choose the perfect flooring for your rooms, while always remaining mindful of your personal preferences, existing furniture/decor, and available project budget.

Free Measurements are Also available

A&H Flooring will also measure your rooms for free to make certain that product calculations come out correctly. We have often seen measurement mistakes which may potentially cost you a lot of time, money, and future headaches if they are done wrong at the start. We will be present during every phase of the project to ensure that you receive the proper amount of flooring material and any other products for your flooring upgrade. If you consider the value of free measurements and free flooring estimates for your Belleville, IL home, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the fact that the finest customer service is our highest priority.

Once you have selected the new flooring products, we have measured, and provided the flooring estimate for your Belleville, IL home; we will then go through the payment process. We accept all major credit/debit cards, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and cash. We will give you a receipt on site, as well as emailing you a detailed invoice for your transaction.

If you’ve considered doing the flooring installation yourself to save on labor costs, we will offer you a personal service where we will help you learn how to install your newly purchased flooring correctly. With over 25 years of installation, sales and management experience, A&H Flooring will give you with a “how to” lesson covering all aspects of the process so that your installation meets manufacturer’s specifications. Feel free to ask our consultant any questions that you may have and ask him for his recommendations.

Want to know even more? Phone us, email us or better yet, request a visit from our mobile ‘Shop-at-Home’ service, where our consultant will be on hand to provide you with your free flooring estimate for Belleville, IL area homeowners—and more!