What do these two things have to do, one with the other? Carpet cost and softness…

OK, they’re not so much “related” as they are the final two points we want to talk about in comparing nylon and polyester carpet fibers. This is a follow-up to the blog where we compared these carpets’ durability.

It’s our priority to give our neighbors in and around Belleville, Shiloh and O’Fallon all the information they deserve to make informed decisions. Keep reading to identify which of these popular synthetic carpet fibers makes the most sense for your home.

Comparing the cost of nylon vs. polyester carpets

This question had to be answered at some point. Overall, nylon tends to be the most expensive synthetic fiber to produce, meaning nylon carpets reflect that cost at the point of sale. In fact, many nylon-fiber carpets can be significantly more expensive than a comparable polyester option.That said, this is only true when comparing a nylon and polyester carpet of a similar quality. There are less expensive, lower-quality nylon carpets, just like there are higher-quality, more expensive polyester options.

How you feel about that price difference comes down to the durability we talked about in part one of this comparison, plus where you stand on softness. Keep reading as we speak to that…

Softness of nylon vs. polyester carpets

Whether you like to walk around barefoot or you have a crawling baby at home, softness is one of the biggest factors when choosing a carpet. In fact, softness is usually the primary reason why homeowners choose a carpet over other flooring types.First I’ll say that ALL carpet is softer today thanks to the production of fibers in thinner strands. With this in mind, both nylon and polyester carpets have multiple styles available in extra-soft fibers. Generally, there isn’t a perceivable difference between one and the other.

Who wins—nylon or polyester?

Both polyester and nylon have their benefits and their drawbacks. Don’t hate me for this, but the real “winner” will be the fiber that brings the benefits that are most important to you and your family. Give me a call to tell me about your home and how your family uses each space, and I’ll be able to give a personal recommendation.