Nothing really looks as good or as warm as hardwood flooring in your home. Mother Nature really knew what she was doing when she created the sweeping patterns and unique highlights of wood. Having hardwood flooring in your home means that you have a durable surface on which you can conduct your day to day activities without too much worry. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring can become scratched and dull over time and in need of a facelift. The surface that was once vibrant and glowed in the sunlight is now a dull caricature of what it once was. Good thing for you, A&H Flooring offers a hardwood refinishing service.

Hardwood refinishing is the solution to your problem. Our team of hardwood refinishing experts will come to your home, sand down the surface removing the old dull finish and remnants of stain, and replace it with the same finish it had or give you a new finish and color. You can go from a white pine color and piano finish, to a rich cherry and matte finish. The choices are up to you. That guarantees that your floors will remain beautiful for decades. Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished many times over the course of its lifetime, since they are cut from a single piece of wood to deliver the best possible durability.

Hardwood refinishing isn’t only limited to solid hardwood; engineered hardwood can be refinished as well. Since the topmost layer of engineered hardwood is a single piece of wood, it can be sanded down and given a new color and finish. It is dependent upon the thickness of the wear layer left on the surface, but in most cases, engineered hardwood can be refinished at least once.

We have made hardwood refinishing easy to schedule. We will ask some questions about the type of flooring you have, and if you know your square footage in the room when you call, in most cases we can give you an estimate over the phone. Call us today and see what we can do to give your hardwood floor a facelift.