It’s true that today’s new hardwood flooring is one of the most lustrous, durable and long-lasting products on the market. Nevertheless, no flooring material will stay like new forever in a family home with active children, pets and frequent guests. Fortunately, these floors can be sanded down and refinished to restore them to new luster for a great deal less money than complete replacement. Years of family foot traffic or a lack of proper care can take a lot of the original luster out your floors. They may also be damaged and show marks from ladies stiletto heels, pet nails and accidental spills.

A&H Flooring hardwood floor refinishing service will restore any hardwood floor to the same bright shine and strength it had when it was originally installed. This avoids any need for costly removal of the worn flooring and replacement with an entirely-new floor. Our State licensed and insured installation team members are thoroughly versed in the correct methods to get the hardwood floor refinishing project done quickly so there will be the least-possible interference with your family’s normal schedule.

If and when you see that the your hardwood floor just doesn’t look as bright and beautiful as it once did, keep in mind that proper hardwood floor refinishing will restore your floor’s good looks for many years to come. Regrettably, even the hardest finish can eventually wear from years of sand and dirt acting against its surface. This can let moisture and soil through the coating and corrupt the wood. The most effective solution is to sand off this dull, worn finish and then to replace it with a brand new finish. A&H Flooring provides effective professional hardwood floor refinishing services for homeowners and businesses customers in Monroe, St. Clair, Clinton and Madison Counties, Illinois at a very affordable price.

Here’s how hardwood floor refinishing is done

When hardwood flooring is first put in, it is coated with multiple layers of a clear polyurethane coating substance that provides exceptional luster and a long useable lifespan. Small amounts of aluminum oxide are also included in this polyurethane surface coating to further strengthen the wood and extend the length of time before this finish will show any wear again. When the project is completed, the A&H Flooring installation team will thoroughly clean the room, remove any left-over debris and leave the premises as clean as it was when they first arrived.

If you would like additional information, phone us, e-mail us, or we can visit you from our Belleville, IL mobile showroom to discuss your interest in hardwood floor refinishing with one of our expert flooring consultants.