If you are a homeowner in Belleville, IL and have been thinking of having some work done on your home, consider first if that work will add value to your home or lessen it. It may surprise some people, but there are certain home improvement projects that take away value from certain types of homes. This is not true for all projects, however. For instance, hardwood floor refinishing would not lessen a property's value, but adding a swimming pool might. The trick is to know what adds and what subtracts from value.

US News recently ran an in-depth article on six common home improvement projects that can lessen value in certain cases. They said:

“While few homeowners recoup the full cost of home renovations, updated bathrooms and kitchens, plus other improvements, can help you sell your home more quickly, and for more money...But some renovations can actually damage your home's value. These supposed improvements not only add nothing to your bottom line, they may make your home less attractive to potential buyers and bring down its value.”

Source: US News, <a href="http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/08/06/6-home-renovations-that-may-hurt-your-homes-selling-price">6 Home Renovations That May Hurt Your Home’s Selling Price</a> by Teresa Mears.
A careful reading of the above article will show that the projects mentioned as being “risky” in terms of adding value are all major projects. What was not mentioned is that many smaller, less expensive, projects such as hardwood floor refinishing or the installation of other high-quality flooring can actually add to the value of a home. In addition, the installation of new flooring, or the new beauty as a result of professional hardwood floor refinishing, can be enjoyed by the whole family from day one.

While major home improvement projects are certainly worthwhile if the family truly needs, say, a new garage or room addition, it must also be said that less expensive projects such as hardwood floor refinishing can add value at much less cost to the homeowner.

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