Today homeowners have all types of flooring available to choose from, but few can match the warmth and beauty of natural hardwood. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes and can be refinished to last for generations. With the holidays approaching, you may be considering wood floors.

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Usually homeowners will find hardwood flooring within two categories. When researching the different hardwood flooring products available, you may find that it will be categorized in two groups. Hardwood is either solid or engineered wood.
Solid hardwood is considered a “lifetime” floor as it can be sanded finished multiple times. Solid wood comes in many species including Oak, Maple and Hickory. There are some limitations with this type of flooring; it should not be installed in basements or areas with high moisture.

Engineered wood is “real” wood that is “engineered” by combining many layers of wood. These layers are usually made of popular or pine. Engineered woods are considered by many to be structurally more durable and less susceptible to moisture. These attributes make engineered hardwood a perfect choice for below grade and moisture installations. Many engineered hardwoods can be lightly sanded. Engineered hardwoods are also available in many different species.

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