Members of my family recently bought a home not too far away from the family business. They really loved the floor plan and large living space that the purchase afforded them. They did need to do some work in the living room/dining room area, because the hardwood floors were quite old and had become more of an eyesore than a wow factor. When it came to what needed to be done it wasn’t even a question. They would refinish the flooring to bring it back to life.

Their decision was based upon several factors. They are attempting to go green in every possible phase of their, and refinishing as opposed to replacing the flooring would save the need to fell more trees in order to create more hardwood planks for their home. It would also eliminate the need for a dumpster full of trash to be hauled away and disposed of in the proper manner.
Their second reason is that there’s just nothing like the look of the older flooring. It was made at a time when superior craftsmanship was the norm, and the makers of the flooring were artisans who took extreme pride in the beauty of their work. The same could be said for the people who installed the flooring. This hardwood refinishing would be a labor of love, and it would save them money as well.

Hardwood refinishing is easy to do if you contact A&H Flooring. We have a hardwood refinishing service that you can utilize to bring life back to the hardwood flooring in your home. Our team of experts will come to your home, sand down the flooring to remove the old finish, and replace it with the same finish it had or even give your floors a new look to better suit your taste in design. You can turn your white pine flooring with a high gloss piano finish, into a rich cherry look with a semi-gloss finish. The only restrictions are the type of wood used in the flooring and your imagination. Give us a call to ask why you should refinish your hardwood floors.