The beauty of hardwood floors, there isn’t another type of flooring that brings a package of natural beauty, with style and iconic looks to a room quite like they do. Hardwood floors are absolutely stunning when they are first installed, the color of stain combined with the finish create an almost historical aesthetic in your home. Unfortunately, after some years and the wear and tear of everyday living, combined with foot and pet traffic, hardwood floors can begin to look like they have seen better days. It is at this point that the homeowner has a choice to make: Refinish the floors, or replace them altogether.

Replacement is VERY expensive. The cost of materials is quite high. Since each plank of hardwood flooring is made from a single cut of wood, it is unique. That type of individuality is not cheap. Then, there is the cost of removing the old flooring and disposing of it properly. It is also not the most environmentally friendly solution, since more trees must be felled to cut the planks of wood for the new flooring.

Hardwood floor refinishing is the best way to go. Since the hardwood planks are cut from a single piece of wood, they are usually pretty thick and can withstand several rounds of sanding to completely remove the old finish. The hardwood refinishing experts can then refinish the flooring to its original color and finish, or they can give the hardwood floor they are refinishing a new look by staining it a different color and giving it a new finish. This method is also environmentally friendly, because you are reusing the same planks as opposed to felling trees to make the new ones.

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