Temperatures are rising and the summer sun is here at last. Before you get ready to lounge in the pool or work on your tan, there are a few house tasks you must do first. Owning a home involves tons of time and work. Sometimes during our busy lives, we forget to do a seasonal maintenance check on our homes. But don’t worry because below we’ve created a summer home checklist for you to follow.

Inspect Air Conditioners and Fans

As the summer sun continues to shine down, it brings along the unbearable heat that we can’t avoid. While you are prepping your home for summer, make sure to inspect all your air conditioners and fans. You’ll want to change any filters and clear any dust you see for better airflow. If you notice any problems, contact your local AC service. Also, try to inspect your air conditioner and fans as soon as possible to avoid any mishaps like your AC blowing out in the middle of summer.

Deep Clean Your Outside Cooking Appliances

Deep Clean Your Outside Cooking Appliances

We all look forward to lighting up the barbeque pit and grilling some of our favorite summer foods. But before you get to grilling, you need to deep clean all your outside cooking appliances. Over a long period of time of not being in use, appliances can capture dirt, grime and dust. Plus, you never know what insects or animals have made your outside cooking equipment their temporary home. Easily wipe away all these worries by thoroughly cleaning your supplies with the appropriate cleaning products or mild detergent and water.

Clean All Your Inside & Outside Floors

Let your inside and outside floors sparkle under the summer sunshine by deep cleaning and maintaining them. Every flooring type has specific maintenance and cleaning rituals that include specialized cleaning products. Give us a call today to learn about the best ways to clean your floors and to view our recommended cleaning solutions list. After cleaning your floors, refresh your hardwood floors by refinishing them.

Check for Leaks

The change of weather can bring unwanted changes to your house like unexpected leaks. As the temperatures start to rise, take some time to check for leaks around your home. Unnoticed leaks can not only flood your home but cause serious water damage to your flooring and other personal items. The best places to check for leaks include under all your sinks, utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and air conditioning units.

Prepare for Dirt & Mud

Prepare for Dirt & Mud

Since the weather is beautiful, we will most likely be spending more time outside. And, more time outside means we can easily track in dirt and mud. Instead of endlessly cleaning your home every time you enter, add some entrance mats or area rugs to capture unwanted messes. The best part about mats and rugs is that you can easily clean them with a vacuum.

Don’t let unexpected appliance issues and messes ruin your summer. Follow this summer home maintenance checklist for an easy, breezy season. Need professional help in the Belleville, O’Fallen, Edwardsville and the surrounding areas for carpet cleaning, painting, flooring installation and more? Contact us today to go over all your home’s needs.